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Unique Gifts For All Ages!

History of Macro Polo

Macro Polo has been open for 40 years; the original owner Will Berliner established the store in August 1979. After 25 years, Conrad Desrosiers and Sue Sawtelle bought the business, and maintained its long-standing reputation as a unique shopping experience for generations of visitors.

August 2018 Jennifer Sweatt bought the business.  She was the previous manager for two years. Jennifer’s  goal is to continue this store as one of the remaining landmark retailers in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. We are located conveniently on 89 Market Street, down the hill from the Hanover Street parking garage.  Macro Polo focuses on giving each customer a fun shopping experience and providing them with a wide selection of novelty gifts. Our products include cards, phone accessories, gag gifts, and toys for all ages. Everyone leaves Macro Polo with a smile on their face.

unique gifts at Macro Polo in Portsmouth NH


unique gifts at Macro Polo in Portsmouth NH

"A store that makes you laugh and we all need that! Great products, something for everyone ❤️!"

Shelley Garnet

unique gifts at Macro Polo in Portsmouth NH

"Unique and engaging gift shop. Lots of gag gifts and tons of shoppers."

Melanie Konstandakis

unique gifts at Macro Polo in Portsmouth NH

"Marco Polo has been a "must stop" spot for us for many years! Their joke gifts are the best!"​

Tracy Clark

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